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Achievements and Experience

Through many years of hard work and dedication, I’ve established a strong understanding of photography. Every photo shoot has contributed to my personal and professional development in the industry of Headshot Photography and has inspired me to stay creatively motivated throughout my work. Although I do have a qualification in photography and studied iphoneography at the photographers' gallery London, these alone would not give me the necessary tools, to capture and edit my photographic documents or photographic artwork. So why do I qualify as a "Professional" photographer?

A Passion

The first iphone was released on                    29 June 2007 We have seen many models released over the years... The current 2022 model is set to be a professional tool for photographers... The iPhone has become one of the tools available for my personal and professional photography.


Attitude, Behavior, Standard, Practice...
The amount of effort. Knowing how my gear works to achieve results. Self-motivated learning. The quality of standards. Relationships in photography built over many years. How I communicate with my clients and listen to their needs... 
Not forgetting my passion for photography.

The  photography

The camera you have in your pocket, and the ability to capture the decisive moment. Don't be fooled by those who have all the gear and no idea; professional photography is far more than expensive equipment. An eye for detail and the moment has a huge advantage.


The iphone has become a great tool with many tool options to create fantastic digital art, I have explored these over many years to create the art you will see here and on my redbubble site. That's where you can purchase all orders. Printed on most surfaces, delivered directly to you...Hassle free for all those small presents to family and friends.

The apps

The array of apps that have been released, many of which are professional-grade editing tools have made the iPhone a serious contender in the world of photography. The ability to shoot, edit & send the creations of either photographic documents or digital artworks is leading the way forward for photography.

Why choose

Not just a camera...Apart from that, I use lights, reflectors along with other equipment to capture the moment or essence required. A money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the service outcome. You will be amazed at the results that a professional headshot photographer can capture for you.

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